Inspire Your Audience film production company portland oregon

We Are Here To Empower You To Be More Successful By Attracting Your Ideal Clients & Inspiring Them Into Action Through The Power Of Online Video.

FREE Training (Web Based Video Training Series)
There is a high demand for video content these days, but as budgets are stretched thin it can be tough to find the money to hire professionals. Fortunately, we’re here to offer you a completely free, step by step training series that will help you create your own content today at no additional cost.

Prebuilt Commercials (Starting At $200)
Professional quality commercials can cost thousands of dollars to produce and are outside the reach of many small businesses. But we don’t believe that it has to remain that way. By downloading one of our prebuilt commercials we give you a complete solution at a price that fits in any budget. You can modify it yourself by following one of our tutorials or we can work with you to add your own custom graphics and voice over.

Consulting ($200/hr – 2hr minimum)
If you are in need of some one on one input and advice we are here for you. We will come into your place of business and help you setup your own space to regularly record your own content, offer production tips, recommendations on equipment and advise you on how to integrate your content into your own website. With our combined 18 years of experience, we’ve seen it all, and we’ll help you get up and running in no time at a minimal cost.

Content Creation (Custom Quote)
We love creating and telling visual stories and helping our community. If you want to keep your focus on your business, and not have to learn a new set of skills, we are here for you. We will gladly come in and help you develop an effective video strategy for your business and produce the content for you. Then you can implement the content on your site and social networks.

Content Management (Custom Quote)
Creating, optimizing, and managing content so that it reaches its target audience is a full time job. We can take all of the responsibility and time commitment off of your hands so that you can focus on running your business. Not only will we come in and help you develop effective strategies and create the content, but we’ll help you optimize and manage it so that it has the greatest impact possible.

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