Our projects and clients come to us for unique and inspirational approaches to film making. Here we talk about some of the projects in progress. We also explore experimental filmmaking as we develop new ways to tell a story with film.


ImmigrantFear of the “other” is not new to America. However we are a nation of immigrants, whose very society was built and made stronger by the hands of those who traveled here before us.

With the often negative and dehumanizing rhetoric in the current immigration debate, maybe it is time to step back and reflect on what it is that makes us strong, and what values this country was built on.

We recently produced this PSA to remind people that fears of the “other” are just as unfounded today as they were when this nation began.

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Enric Sifa (Music Video): I Wanna See You Tonight

Enric SifaEnric Sifa is a talented Singer/Songwritter and musician who experienced the Rwandan Genocide first-hand, losing both parents to the conflict at the age of 9. Not one to let the trials of life over come him, he has used music to better his own life and provide hope and inspiration to those around him. Enric continues to use his talents to give back and advocate for marginalized children around the world.

It is this passion and drive to pursue a career in human rights and conflict resolution that drew us to Enric. He embodies the type of people and organizations we are most excited about – those who create positive change in the world around them.

While we were in pre-production on his music video, Letus contacted us to test a new camera accessory: the Helix. This new camera device opens up creative camera movements that were previously only available to very expensive productions. Enric’s music video was the perfect opportunity to try out the Helix since it would allow us to add some great styling to the shots.

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Script Optioned!

At the heart of every great film is the story. It doesn’t matter how good the crew, actors, or equipment are if the story isn’t strong to begin with. With ‘Castigo’ we believe that we have a solid story from which to build upon. Read more