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YouTube Embed Tweaks

Standard YouTube Embed code is …boring!

The standard embed code that YouTube gives you is…okay. It isn’t amazing, it’s just functional. For example if you you want the viewer to start somewhere in the middle of the video, maybe because you are quoting that part of the video or maybe because you want to fast-forward the viewer to a funny part.

Well, the brains over at Google compiled a list of parameters for you to add to your embed code to customize it. I only will talk about some of the code, the useful bits. If you want to more, check out their page.

Basic code structure

Here is the basic structure of the Read more

iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Voiceover

iPhone Video Training SeriesThere are many times when you’ve finished shooting your iPhone video but realize you need to add voiceover narration to your project. This might be done to explain what the viewer is watching or perhaps to walk the audience through a step-by-step task. In this video we show you how to easily add voiceover to your iPhone video.

We use an iPhone 4S running on iOS 7, but any smart device running on most

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iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Custom Content

iPhone Video Training Series: Custom ContentBranding is everything. It tells who you are and helps your audience remember you. So getting your logo onto your iPhone video is key to driving home your message.

There is also other custom content you might want to use in your iPhone video. You might have a great animation or graphic that would Read more

iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Music

iPhone Video Training Series: Adding MusicYou have your video, it’s edited together perfectly, but it still seems like you are missing something. I’ll tell you what it is: MUSIC!

Whether an audience is aware of the music track or not, it greatly affects the viewing experience. Some music fills out the emotions of a video, or gives it energy and spirit. Other videos purposely Read more

iPhone Video Training Tip: Correcting Upside-Down Videos

iPhone Video Training Tip: Correcting Upside-Down VideosThe iPhone is a very smart gadget, but sometimes it’s sensors override reality. A prime example of this is when taking pictures or video at an odd angle: the iPhone’s gyroscope thinks that the picture or video was taken at a different orientation resulting in it displaying it at 90 or 180 degrees from the way you wanted to record it. Another scenario is if you hit the record button then change the iPhone’s orientation.

Problems get compounded when you try to edit this video. But there is a solution! In this video Read more

iPhone Video Training Series: Accessories

In our final tutorial on how to shoot better iPhone videos we cover some useful accessories including monopods, lapel mics, and iPhone lenses.

iPhone Video Training Series: Production Tips

iPhone Video Training Series: Production TipsNow that you’ve watched the introductory video in our iPhone Video Training Series, it’s time to cover more advanced issues: lighting, framing, and advanced editing of your videos. These tips help you improve your filming and editing techniques so your final product has a more professional look.

We use an iPhone 4S running on iOS 7, but any smart device running on most current operating systems should be fine. The Read more

iPhone Video Training Series: Introduction

iPhone Video Training Series: IntroductionVideo content is a must for businesses and brands. But some organizations don’t have the resources to hire a video production company to create content for them.

Never fear!

In this training series we give you tips to film content with a camera that nearly everyone has: the camera in your iPhone or other smart device. Whether you are using the new iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy 4, or some older Read more

GoPro Hero 3: Complete List of Third-Party Accessories

GoPro Hero 3

[Note: we moved this post to our online film school, Indie Cinema Academy, since that is a better place for it.]

As point of view (POV) camera image quality increases, they are being use more and more in projects with high production value, including feature films. As a result film techniques and support gear of the past has had to be rethought and redesigned in order for camera operators to fully utilize these lightweight, compact cameras.
A prime example of a powerful POV camera is the GoPro HERO 3: Black Edition with its 4k 15p resolution (and more realistically the 2.7k 30p mode, since who works at 15 fps?). There are a lot of other POV cameras on the market—including the Contour +2, JVC GC-XA1 Adixxion HD Action, and Sony HDR-AS15—but let’s be real: the Hero 3 OWNS the POV market right now. As proof of their near monopoly of this niche market, camera support companies not affiliated with GoPro Hero are tweaking their gear so that it works smoothly with these ubiquitous POV cameras. Below is a complete list of GoPro Hero 3 accessories, focusing mainly on aftermarket manufacturers. Read more