iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Custom Content

iPhone Video Training Series: Custom ContentBranding is everything. It tells who you are and helps your audience remember you. So getting your logo onto your iPhone video is key to driving home your message.

There is also other custom content you might want to use in your iPhone video. You might have a great animation or graphic that would Read more

iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Music

iPhone Video Training Series: Adding MusicYou have your video, it’s edited together perfectly, but it still seems like you are missing something. I’ll tell you what it is: MUSIC!

Whether an audience is aware of the music track or not, it greatly affects the viewing experience. Some music fills out the emotions of a video, or gives it energy and spirit. Other videos purposely Read more

iPhone Video Training Tip: Correcting Upside-Down Videos

iPhone Video Training Tip: Correcting Upside-Down VideosThe iPhone is a very smart gadget, but sometimes it’s sensors override reality. A prime example of this is when taking pictures or video at an odd angle: the iPhone’s gyroscope thinks that the picture or video was taken at a different orientation resulting in it displaying it at 90 or 180 degrees from the way you wanted to record it. Another scenario is if you hit the record button then change the iPhone’s orientation.

Problems get compounded when you try to edit this video. But there is a solution! In this video Read more