iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Custom Content

iPhone Video Training Series: Custom ContentBranding is everything. It tells who you are and helps your audience remember you. So getting your logo onto your iPhone video is key to driving home your message.

There is also other custom content you might want to use in your iPhone video. You might have a great animation or graphic that would explain your message better than anything you can do on camera. Or you might have content that you can’t record on your iPhone, either because it is from a past event or because an iPhone camera isn’t the best tool for the job.

In this video we demonstrate how to upload your custom content onto your iPhone so that you can insert it into you iMovie.

(If you haven’t watched our training videos — IntroductionProduction Tips, and Accessories — we recommend you review those first.)

We use an iPhone 4S running on iOS 7, but any smart device running on most current operating systems should be fine. The apps we use in this tutorial are Dropbox, Downloads, and iMovie, all of which work with iOS 6 and iOS 7.


Apps We Mentioned In The Video:

> Dropbox

> Downloads

> iMovie


Training Series Table of Contents:

Tutorial #1 Introduction

Tutorial #2 Production Tips

Tutorial #3 Accessories

Tip #1: Correcting Upside-Down Videos

Tip #2: Adding Music

Tip #3: Adding Custom Content

Tip #4: Adding Voiceover


A great way to make your iPhone videos look more professional is through adding custom content. In this video I’ll show you how.

To get started you’re gonna need three things: an iPhone friendly version of your animation, the Dropbox app, and the Downloads app. Next you’re gonna want to upload your animation to Dropbox on your computer. Then launch the Dropbox app on your iPhone and navigate to where you have the video stored. Then tap the share button in the lower left hand corner of the screen and choose “Copy Link to Clipboard.”

Close out of Dropbox and open up the Downloads app. Now paste the link into the browser and tap the download icon. Choose “Direct Download” and press Download. Once it has been downloaded, navigate to the file and tap the blue arrow. Then choose “Add to Photos.” Now the file will show up in your camera roll and be accessible by iMovie. And that’s how you get your animations into your library.

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