iPhone Video Training Tip: Adding Music

iPhone Video Training Series: Adding MusicYou have your video, it’s edited together perfectly, but it still seems like you are missing something. I’ll tell you what it is: MUSIC!

Whether an audience is aware of the music track or not, it greatly affects the viewing experience. Some music fills out the emotions of a video, or gives it energy and spirit. Other videos purposely omit music to make the audience feel alone or bored to further drive home the feelings of isolation that are in their scripts.

Adding music to your iPhone movie is actually quite simple, perhaps too simple. Because it is so easy I have to remind you to only use music that you have the rights to, either music you created yourself or music that you bought the licenses to. There are many songs for sale that you can get a license for a small sum ($10-$20). In this video we’ll give you tips on where to get licensed music and how to get it into your iPhone video.

We use an iPhone 4S running on iOS 7, but any smart device running on most current operating systems should be fine. The only app we use in this tutorial is iMovie, which works with iOS 6 and iOS 7.

Apps We Mentioned In The Video:

> iMovie

Training Series Table of Contents:

Tutorial #1 Introduction

Tutorial #2 Production Tips

Tutorial #3 Accessories

Tip #1: Correcting Upside-Down Videos

Tip #2: Adding Music

Tip #3: Adding Custom Content

Tip #4: Adding Voiceover



While creating iPhone videos there’s probably been many times when you wanted to add music. In this video I’m going to show you how.

If you’re going to use music in your iPhone video, you can’t just pick any music; it has to be licensed. There’s many stock music companies out there that sell licensed music. We use Premium Beats because it’s quality music at a reasonable price.

Once you’ve bought and downloaded music from one of these sites, move it over to your iTunes playlist and then sync it with your phone. When you are editing your video in iMovie, move to where you want the clip to start in your timeline. Press the filmstrip icon then the audio button. Choose the track from your playlist. To adjust the volume double tap on the track.

Adding music is really that easy. If you want any other tips check out our iPhone training series where we help to improve the quality of your iPhone videos. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below, and be sure to subscribe to our channel.

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